All-in-one scubadiving holiday

Bonaire is known the world over for its breath-taking submarine world, where the unspoiled coral reefs serve as a habitat for beautiful tropical fish and other colorful sea creatures.

Bonaire is a leeward island and is outside of the hurricane zone, which means the coral stays intact and is of a very high quality. Nearly all Caribbean islands suffer from devastating storms that can wreak irreparable damage on their fragile coral reefs. The waters around Bonaire form the National Marine Park, and in some places you can see further than 90 meters underwater!

Diving on Bonaire is very accessible. You can drive to any place along the coast and dive straight from the beach, which will take you virtually straight to the coral reefs. This sets Bonaire apart from most other diving destinations worldwide. It is also why all vehicle registration plates carry the slogan ‘Diver’s Paradise.’ And it is also the reason why we have named this site Bonaire Paradise! The places where you can get back to shore are also signposted. In those places, you will find a yellow stone with the word ‘exit.’ In this way, we ensure the minimum amount of stress is placed on the coral. Many of the diving locations in the north of Bonaire are situated in the beautiful “Slagbaai” National Park. The Washington Slagbaai National Park covers the entire northern part of Bonaire. The central diving locations on the island are largely situated along the west coast of Kralendijk, with its long stretches of suburbs. These locations are sometimes referred to as ‘the house reef dive sites’ because they are so close to the back gardens of the accommodation buildings and houses in that area. Here, you can walk straight from your hotel room to the coral reef in your diving gear. Some of the beaches on Bonaire are privately owned, and others are private hotel and resort beaches.

Bonaire’s southern diving locations are set against a stunningly beautiful backdrop. The southern part of the Caribbean island is the area where the well-known salt marshes are located, with the enormous and fascinating centrally situated salt pyramids. When lit by the Caribbean sun, both the salt marshes and pyramids emit a purple glow that makes the area feel like a surreal, otherworldly landscape.

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