A party that you should not miss: Carnival on Bonaire

One of the most unique festivities that you cannot miss on the island is Carnival. Carnival (karnaval) on Bonaire is different from how it is celebrated in the Netherlands. Carnival on the ABC islands is more like the carnival that you see in South America, such as in Brazil. Parades with swinging music, dancing people, bright colors, large feathers, tight packages, glitter and other spectacular decorations.


The party starts in January with various parties, such as the Tumba parties. Tumba is a music and dance style that is very popular during the carnival period in Curaçao and Bonaire. The music has an African origin, but over time it has had many influences from Latin American music, such as Merengue. It is cheerful, invites to dance and brings people together.


The party is not only for adults, children and teenagers also have their own parties. There is even a special teenage parade, which this year falls on Friday, February 21, 2020 and starts at 8 p.m. in Playa (the center). The two highlights of carnival follow the days after: the big parades (Marcha Grandi) in Rincon on Saturday and the parade in Playa on Sunday. Both parades start around 3 p.m. When the parades are over, the party on the street will continue at various bars and restaurants or around the many eating and drinking tents specially set up for carnival.

Traditional incineration

Carnival ends on Tuesday with a final parade in the evening, which follows the same route as the previous parades. The party ends around midnight in the stadium with the traditional burning of King Momo, a straw pop. King Momo symbolizes sin, infertility and misfortune, elements that must first disappear before the period of fasting can begin.

Felis Karnaval!