Bon Bini na Boneiru!

We welcome you to Bonaire! This beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean officially belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Bon Bini means welcome in Papiamentu , 
which along with Dutch, is one of the official languages of this special piece of the Netherlands.

A tropical holiday on Bonaire is a great experience. Bonaire, an island in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, lies off the coast of Venezuela and is comparable in size to Ameland and Vlieland. It is part of the BES islands of Bonaire, Eustatia, and Saba. The history of this Dutch island stretches back more than a millennium, and it has been under Dutch rule for nearly four hundred years. Ever since 10-10-2010, it has been part of the Netherlands in the form of a special municipality, 
in a bid to put an end to the islanders’ discontent regarding their relationship with the Netherlands