Bonaire: relaxed island full of contrasts

A vacation to Bonaire, how wonderful does that sound? KLM and Tui regularly have great offers, which means that a vacation to our tropical island can become a reality sooner than you think. And where Bonaire is often first thought of sun, sea and beach, the island has so much more to offer. Belonging to the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, Bonaire is one and a half times as large as Texel. 

Bonaire has the least number of inhabitants compared to its sister islands and is known for its nature, peace and relaxation. Despite the small scale of the island, the landscape is still remarkably diverse. The flat pink salt pans, white salt mountains and vast coral beaches in the south opposite the green and hilly north form a great contrast with each other. The trade winds blow from the East almost all year round, making the temperature on the island very pleasant. The eastern wind gives two faces to the island; the wild east with desert-like landscape where the waves can crash high against the coast, opposite the peaceful west coast with hardly any waves and azure blue sea. You can explore all the wind directions of the island within a day, but it is much more fun to spend more time on it and discover all the corners of the island. A good car cannot be missed here. For the most suitable cars, view our range  

Despite roughly 8000km distance with Europe you will find typical European Dutch shops on Bonaire, such as an Albert Heijn, Blokker, DA drugstore and a supermarket that sells Jumbo products. Dutch influence or not, Bonaire remains a Caribbean island and that is reflected in the atmosphere and energy. Everything goes at a slower pace. When you surrender to this rhythm you will experience total relaxation. What makes Bonaire so unique. The perfect place for a relaxing holiday.