Valentine's day on Bonaire

Are you on Bonaire this Valentine's Day and do you want to do something special with your loved one, boyfriend, girlfriend or family? You can do all this with Valentine on the island.

Romantic dining

There are several restaurants that offer a Valentine's special. Ocean Oasis provides a special dinner on the beach. When it gets dark and all the lights come on, this is a very romantic place. There are only 10 tables for this special, so don't forget to make a reservation.

Restaurant It Rains Fishes has a special Valentine's four-course menu. A romantic place on the boulevard with a view over the water, to enjoy delicious food together with your group.

Another romantic place on the water is the new Oscar Lighthouse restaurant Located directly on the harbor of Harbor Village Marina you can see the boats coming and going. With Oscar’s six-course menu you can really surprise your Valentine with a romantic dinner.

Also on the water, but on the other side of the island, the Hang Out Beach Bar offers a special Valentine's special with a choice of four, five or five six course menu. If you sit down before sunset you have the chance to see flying flamingos pass by. That is only possible on Bonaire!

Valentine on the water

Especially for February 14, the luxury sailing ship the Melisa  has a Valentine's offer, where you and your Valentine are completely pampered. Relax together on this comfortable ship on one of the lounge sofas on the spacious deck, enjoy good food and let the bubbles flow abundantly. End the day with a romantic sunset.

Flowers say more

Would you rather surprise your Valentine with flowers? Fresh flowers are difficult to get on Bonaire, an original bouquet especially. Fortunately, this has recently changed. Petals Bonaire offers beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets, unique on the island. For example, Petals Bonaire has the "Rose Chic" with roses, a bottle of wine and a heart-shaped helium balloon - perfect for Valentine's Day. You can place an order via the website , Facebook or Instagram. For a last minute order it is best to visit Kaya Baracuda 25D.Rom
antic vacationThe ultimate surprise for Valentine is of course a romantic holiday. Are you considering going on holiday to Bonaire next year? Then view our wide range of vacation rentals and create your own romantic get-away by the sea in the Caribbean.

Happy Valentine!