Management on Bonaire

Bonaireparadise manages (vacation) homes, apartments, and other real estate on Bonaire on behalf of owners and associations of owners. Bonaireparadise delivers the best possible service for both clients as their tenants and has worked for many years in close cooperation with various contractors, maintenance companies, plumbers, electricians, and cleaning companies. If required, Bonaireparadise can supply excellent references.

Good management

Good management and solid maintenance can make a big difference. Bonaireparadise offers specialized advice about maintenance and management focusing on sustainability, safety, and livability. We work on behalf of owners and associations of owners on Bonaire. Bonaireparadise delivers the best possible service to both clients as their tenants and in the event of any deficiencies or catastrophes, you can count on a quick and adequate response.

Good management and maintenance results in a longer lifespan for real estate, which even in the longer term is pleasant for living, working, or recreation. Bonaireparadise has built up many years of expertise and has a wealth of building experience and knowledge. Bonaireparadise places itself in your position and provides advice on a good and responsible maintenance policy.

Management package

The management of your vacation home involves many practical issues. Things have to be paid for, you would like an overview of the costs incurred, and you want to see what we do for you.

Bonaireparadise offers you a composite package. You can see the costs that have been incurred and what you are due to pay at the end of the month. No surprises, no unexpected situations, because, of course, our agreement with you means that we consult you first on any (more expensive) matters.

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