Renting out your home?

 Do you have a home or apartment, and would you like to get a return from your property by renting out your accommodation? Rent out your vacation accommodation or home in an efficient and cost-effective way with our no-cure-no-cost service here at Bonaireparadise. 

We have been a player in the rental market in Bonaire since 1999, for both short- and long-term rentals. We offer a complete range of services from rental to the complete management of your second home. 

Our rental services carry no fixed costs. Our team of online experts arrange a perfect presentation for your second home and ensure that your home can be found in the search engines. In addition, we also advertise in traditional media. Our website reaches more than a quarter of a million visitors per year (2016), and this number is still climbing. 

Combining the right presentation of your home with the correct price levels means we can achieve occupancy levels of 80% for short-term rentals and up to 100% for long-term rentals.

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