Windsurfing on Bonaire is surfing in paradise. Lac Bay has constant trade winds and a comfortable water temperature. This is one of the most beautiful locations on earth for surfing, and windsurfers from across the whole world are immensely attracted to this unique location.

Surfer’s Paradise

If you are looking for acrobatics on the water, you have come to the right place here at Lac Bay. Discover the sea and the wind, and see the daredevils who come to Bonaire from all corners of the world. Come to a spot where the wind and coral reefs mean that there are few waves and a comfortable water temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius. Surfing with a sail is pure enjoyment, and the conditions on Bonaire are exceptional. The warm water ensures that you have perfect surfing conditions.

The constant onshore wind means that surfers are not pulled into the ocean, the lagoon is shallow, and the temperature of the sea is always good. These combine to put Lac Bay right at the top of the list of the best windsurfing locations in the world. So, as well as having the name Diver’s Paradise, Bonaire is well on its way to getting the status of Surfer’s Paradise as well!

In this bay, protected by reefs, windsurfing has become one of the most popular water sports on Bonaire. From the middle of December to June, wind speeds average around 15 to 25 miles per hour, while in February and March they can reach some 30 miles per hour. Windsurfing does require you to be in good physical condition, as well as having “nerves of steel.” The two surf shops rent out surfboards and have knowledgeable instructors. For practice, you can use a so-called boogie board, which provides a gradual build-up to surfing.